Zane Stick

With summer in full swing, we want to advise all pet owners about common diseases and injuries that happen in warmer weather. Newtown Veterinary Specialists sees an increase in injuries to pets’ mouths as the season heats up and more animals go outside for longer periods of time.

Unfortunately, at this time of year we frequently see traumas caused by vehicular accidents. Far too many cats and dogs are hit by cars every week, often resulting in multiple injuries to the entire body. Aside from life-threatening injuries to the chest and abdomen, the pet’s head and face can also be affected. Many animals suffer from fractured jaw bones, teeth or de-gloving injuries to the skin. Frequently these traumas require emergency surgical intervention to save the pet’s life.

With increased activity at dog parks–and cats venturing outside more often–bite wounds are another common and potentially serious injury. Sadly, some animals do not play well together and wounds can result. Make sure to introduce your animals to others properly. If there’s a chance of play aggression, then group retrieving, swimming, or interaction may not be a good idea when parks are crowded.

Oral penetrating injuries, usually caused by sticks, are less common but can also be quite serious. We all know that dogs love to carry and fetch sticks–and they do so proudly. But if your dog pokes itself with the stick or a fragment gets lodged in the mouth, severe injury can result. The range of oral penetrating injuries include fractured teeth, oral lacerations, wood lodged between teeth, and oral or neck abscesses. Newtown Veterinary Specialists recommends the safer fetch option with balls, Frisbees, bumpers, etc.

It has been often said, but perhaps bears repeating here: cats do not have to go outside to be happy. You can create a window look-out for your cat to safely enjoy the outside world from indoors. For those with the proper living environment, outdoor cat enclosures can be installed. Or you can take your cat out with a harness. In any case, we warn against letting cats go outside unattended as they face many perils, including oral cavity injuries.

If you are out enjoying a nice summer day and run into one of these problems, Newtown Veterinary Specialists is here to help you and your pets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet, do not hesitate to contact us at (203) 270-VETS (8387).

–Story edited by Joan Eve Quinn, Communications Specialist, Newtown Veterinary Specialists,