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On gorgeous days like this we wish the summer would never end…but…we’re also looking forward to the big Newtown Labor Day Parade on September 1st!

In keeping with this year’s parade theme, “Write On, Newtown,” we’ll be honoring Dutchess, a beloved blind therapy dog who is the main character of a new children’s book titled, A Day with Dutchess: Life Lessons From a Blind Therapy Dog. Among the charming story’s positive messages: Love triumphs over adversity and small actions can make a world of difference. Dutchess has done a lot of therapy work with the children of Newtown. She’s a long-time patient of Newtown Veterinary Specialists‘ board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Cory Mosunic, who is also featured as a character in the book.

A Day with Dutchess was written by Mark Condon, Dutchess’ dedicated owner and handler. Joining us on the float with Mark and Dutchess will be co-author Julie Phillips and illustrator Sammy Schreiber. Making the float look really cute will be therapy-puppy-in-training Drift, who is already excelling at her beginner-level training work. We look forward to seeing you at the parade on Labor Day!

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–Photo credit: Lisa Prince Fishler/Printz Photography
–Story written by Joan Eve Quinn, Communications Specialist, Newtown Veterinary Specialists,